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Choosing Equipment For Rinjani Trekking

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The matter of selecting equipment is one that is of utmost importance but is also one of those things that you could forget about. The importance of this matter will become apparent when you face a trek of demanding requirements on the Mount Rinjani and that is why it should...

Physical Fitness

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Physical Fitness Preparation for Rinjani Trekking For a trekking/hiking/backpacking trip, the old saying “Health is Wealth” holds true—especially on the Mount Rinjani. In contrast to rock climbing or mountaineering, trekking isn’t a type of sports. It is more of a recreational...

How to Pack a Backpack for Rinjani Trekking

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TREK ESSENTIALS FOR MOUNT RINJANI TREKKING When it comes to any kind of trip or trek, your ability to pack a backpack effectively is an important aspect. Essential and mandatory items are a must-have for a trekker/backpacker on the Mount Rinjani, but everything needs to be...
Mount Rinjani Trek Equipment

A Beginner’s Guide to Plan Mount Rinjani Trekking

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By Senior Trekking Guide Awenk Munawir New trekking season has started at begin of April 2018 and trekkers (both experienced and amateur) have begun preparations to quench their thirst for adventures and packed their backpack. One of the spots popular among trek-lovers is Mount...